Container Terminal


million of TEU/year

Basic turnover of the container terminal of Primorsky UTC

up to


million of TEU/year

Prospective turnover

Containers are delivered to the terminal by rail and road

Scheme of loading/unloading of ships

Pier length 860 m
4 berths
Capacity up to 20,000 TEU
and draft up to 16.0 m
Depth 18.0 m

Main services at the container terminal:

  • unloading/loading of railway wagons
  • unloading/loading of road transport
  • temporary storage and accumulation of a shipload
  • vessel loading/unloading
  • container loading/unloading
  • refrigerated cargo operations

Functional zoning of the container terminal:

  • railway cargo area
  • vehicle cargo area
  • temporary storage warehouse
  • empty container depots
  • refrigerated container depot
  • sea cargo area
  • administrative and communal area
  • auxiliary facilities

Main technical characteristics of the container temporary storage warehouse:

  • container storage capacity – up to 60,000 TEU
  • refrigerated area capacity – 3,000 sockets
  • container yard area – up to 40 ha
  • operating mode – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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