The planned port turnover is up to 65.00 million tons per year, which will account for more than 20% of the total turnover of Russian ports in the Baltic Sea. The main types of cargo to be handled in the port are coal, mineral fertilizers, containers, general cargo and agricultural products.

In addition, the construction of a warehouse logistics center is planned on the territory of more than 50.00 hectares. The total area of the port complex is 760 ha, including an artificial land plot of 27 ha.

Bulk cargo will be transshipped at dedicated terminals using closed unloading, temporary storage and transportation technologies that avoid environmental impacts, including dusting. The natural depths of the port water area allow for the treatment of vessels with deadweight up to 200 thousand tons and draft up to 16.00 m.

To ensure the delivery of cargo to the port it is planned to develop the existing road and railroad infrastructure. A new industrial railway station and a new highway adjoining the А-181 route will be constructed.
The project is implemented at the expense of private investments. The facility will be commissioned in 2023.


The implemented technological solutions comply with modern environmental standards. Non-hazardous bulk goods are stored in closed warehouses.

The project envisages minimal environmental impact through the use of the cleanest modern technologies with continuous monitoring of the environmental situation.
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The project of the Primorsky universal transshipment complex will provide 3.5 thousand jobs

The project of the Primorsky universal transshipment complex is being presented at public hearings. The area of 760 hectares will be used for the development of a high-tech port in…
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Public discussions on the object of state environmental impact assessment

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