Warehouse Logistics Center

The container terminal of Primorsky UTC includes the construction of a warehouse logistics center (WLC) – port storage facilities used as a distribution and storage point.

Administrative and communal area of the container terminal

Main services on the territory of the Warehouse logistics center:

  • cross-docking warehouses
  • container loading/unloading areas
  • covered warehouses with high shelf storage
  • low-temperature warehouses
  • distribution warehouses
  • site for empty containers storage with organization of additional services (repair)
  • pre-packed loaded container storage area
  • open area for oversized and rolling machinery
  • offices for transport and logistics companies, customs services, forwarders, other services and companies operating in the WLC and Primorsky UTC
  • laboratory premises for sanitary and environmental monitoring services operating on the territory of the Primorsky UTC
  • optionally – build-to-suit warehouse construction area (construction of facilities to meet the requirements of a specific customer)
  • optionally – construction of a hotel complex for employees of all terminals of Primorsk Seaport
  • optionally – truck maintenance area

Main technical characteristics of the Warehouse logistics center:

  • area – 100 ha
  • operating mode – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Coal Terminal

Mineral Fertilizer Terminal

Container Terminal

General Cargo Terminal

Cereal Terminal