The project of the Primorsky universal transshipment complex is being presented at public hearings. The area of 760 hectares will be used for the development of a high-tech port in three years. It will make it possible to redirect transit cargoes to the Russian harbor, which today go through the bases of European competitors. The annual turnover is about 70 million tons.

“We estimate this to be about 3,500 jobs. We will become serious taxpayers, who will bring whole lot of money to the budget of Primorsk. About 9 billion will go to the regional budget. We think that the social and economic life of Primorsk residents will improve. First of all, we are thinking of building a high-speed road. This is the road from the Primorsky Complex to А-181 route. Of course, we will need gas with our arrival. We have submitted an application considering the needs of the Primorskoye settlement”.

Anatoly Savkin, First Deputy General Director of the Primorsky universal transshipment complex

Additional bonuses include a thermal power plant, which will have enough capacity for neighboring settlements, and the launch of a Lastochka train to Primorsk. The investment to the new port amounts to 170 billion. Every ruble is justified, investors say. There are no analogues of such complexes in Russia. Modern technologies of closed processing will ensure maximum environmental safety of the port.

“All bulk cargoes we will work with — coal, mineral fertilizers and grain — will be processed in a closed way. From the approach of the railway wagon to the unloading station. The station is closed. Then it goes to the inner galleries to the warehouse. And then it will go through the closed gallery to the ship. Noise and dusting are eliminated. Environmental monitoring will be mandatory.”

Anatoly Savkin, First Deputy General Director of the Primorsky universal transshipment complex

“We arrived in April and saw that there was no forest. And the first thing that stopped us was the signs that the passage was forbidden: the wood logging was going on.”

Maria Savina, a resident of the Primorskoye urban settlement

The condition of the village road is considered by the administration of the future complex to be a temporary inconvenience, the consequences of which are mitigated by regularly patching the primer. They are ready to demonstrate permits signed by regional committees and the Federal Forestry Agency in response to rumors of illegal logging. The territory will be cleared soon. And builders will come here in January.

“It is clear that the construction equipment will work and create noise, but we fit into the sanitary regulations. We will not work at night; all construction equipment will work from 7-8 to 22-23. We will consider the possibility of noise barriers.”

Anatoly Savkin, First Deputy General Director of the Primorsky universal transshipment complex

If we look from the point of view of 10 and 15 years of development of our country, then it makes sense. But it will be fair: citizens will be compensated, there will be no sense of dissatisfaction with the fact that they have invested their energy. It is clear that we will not receive full compensation. But, on the other hand, we understand the state interests as well. Then there will be a normal consensus in society, which should be the case in such a strong state as Russia.

“The project will keep the main housing estate intact. It will be hidden from the industrial zone by a forest belt, additional trees will be planted for this purpose. According to the investor company’s calculations, only four houses will be in the construction zone”.

Georgiy Svinoredsky, a resident of Primorskoye urban settlement

“There are several houses right here in the coal terminal. Although we also comply with sanitary standards – 200 meters from operating equipment. These houses can stay here, but we are ready to consider any options, ready to negotiate the transfer of these houses, the purchase.”

Anatoly Savkin, First Deputy General Director of the Primorsky universal transshipment complex

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